We like to believe that we’re a friendly crowd here at LIS and we hope you’ll agree. It can take a while to settle into a new place but, since the inception of LIS, there’s a great deal of support system in place to make the process easier.

We are reliant on the two independent WhatsApp groups listed below.

The Red Lipstick WhatsApp Group

This group was created to bring together all the women of Indian origin in Lincolnshire (LIS members or otherwise) and for communication, support and partying purposes. Posting a query here generally results in good response and a successful outcome. There’s at least one party held annually where the ladies let their hair down, forget responsibilities and just enjoy themselves.

The Gully Cricketers

This group of people, most of whom live in and around Lincoln, came together in 2016 with the objective of playing cricket for social reasons. Their motto, not surprisingly then, is: “Fun & Fitness with Friends”.  As a rule, they encourage all abilities and talents, because, although there is a competitive side to their cricket, it is not their main motivation. If interested, please check out their website.

Grocery Shopping

  1. Spice Merchant Food Store is small but well-stocked and is located at 26 Gresham St, Lincoln LN1 1PZ (Ph: 01522 870896)
  2. Asia Supermarket, Saint Market Street Unit 3 The Junxion, Lincoln, LN5 7BA.
  3. Most supermarkets have a modest to extensive Indian section where rice, some daals and spices may be found.
  4. Lincolnites are known to stock up on Indian groceries during trips to Leicester, Birmingham etc. or order online at redrickshaw.com or spicesofindia.com

Cultural  Education

There are several classes being held in Lincoln to teach children and/or adults Indian classical dance and music. Please contact us for details.